Our journey began in June 2018 during a leisurely visit to a Sunday Market in Makati. As my boyfriend  back then, who is now my husband, Heman and I strolled through the market, we stumbled upon a beautiful plant that caught our eye. Little did we know, this small purchase would sow the seeds of a much grander idea.

Upon bringing the plant home, a spark of inspiration ignited within me. I began to explore the online landscape, searching for a place where plant enthusiasts like us could easily find and purchase quality greens. To my surprise, there was a void waiting to be filled. It was in that moment that I turned to Heman, and shared my newfound vision with him. With unwavering support, he guided me in sourcing supplies, and together, we embarked on a journey that would forever change our lives.

Our initial shop was named "Plants Philippines," reflecting our commitment to showcasing locally sourced plants. We labored tirelessly to create a brand that was truly unique, putting our hearts and souls into every aspect of our business.

As our customer base expanded, we realized that our name needed to better capture the essence of our venture. In 2019, we rebranded ourselves as "Spruce Plant Shop". This name better conveyed our dedication to offering the finest quality plants and products.

Our dream extended beyond merely selling plants; we aspired to create a haven for plant enthusiasts, a place where people could conveniently find everything they needed. Our goal was to bridge the gap between humanity and nature, to facilitate a deeper connection with the natural world.

In 2024, we undertook another significant transformation, reemerging as "Hillside Garden." No longer limited to potted plants and gardening tools, we pledged to broaden our horizons, delving into landscaping for residential and commercial spaces.

Whether you are a new plant parent or a seasoned green thumb, our commitment remains unchanged. We understand the profound stress-relief and peace that plants can offer, and we strive to make this experience accessible to all. Join us in making the world greener, more beautiful, and more connected. For there is nothing quite as magical as the profound joy that plants bring to our lives, and we are dedicated to sharing that magic with the world.


Jade & Heman

Our Vision

At Hillside Garden, our vision is to create a world where the beauty of nature is seamlessly integrated into daily life, accessible to all. We envision a harmonious future where everyone can effortlessly connect with the serenity and wonder of plants. We aspire to be a beacon of inspiration, fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Our Mission

Our mission at Hillside Garden is to transform this vision into reality through:

Exceptional Quality

We are unwavering in our commitment to offering products of unparalleled quality. Each plant, each gardening tool, and every landscaping project is thoughtfully curated and crafted to exceed expectations.


We believe that the joy of nature should be within reach of everyone. We work tirelessly to make our products thoughtfully affordable, ensuring that the beauty and benefits of plants are accessible to all.


Our online platform is designed with your convenience in mind. We've made it easy for you to explore, purchase, and care for your plants from the comfort of your home. Nature's wonders are just a click away.


We are dedicated to sustainable practices, from eco-friendly plant cultivation to environmentally conscious landscaping. Our aim is to contribute positively to the planet, one green step at a time.


We embrace innovation as a means to make the experience of connecting with nature more enriching. Modern technologies and creative solutions empower us to offer you the very best in the world of plants and gardening.


We are building a thriving community of plant enthusiasts and nature lovers who share our passion. Together, we cultivate a greater understanding of the natural world and inspire each other to make a positive impact.